This Visa Provides business people with pathway to permanent Residence and Passport/Citizenship.


This is a four year provisional visa for business people with business skills and experience who want to establish, develop and manage a new or existing business in Victoria-Australia. If you want this visa and establish business in Victoria, must be nominated by the state government.

Take the opportunity to learn more about this Visa Category through the following sections:

Following Sections provide the opportunity to explore more about Victorian State Nomination

  • Major Cities and Towns
  • Minimum Eligibility Criteria
  • English Language Requirement
  • Points Table
  • Business Plan
  • Proposed Business Nature
  • Exploratory Visit Report
  • When Not to Apply
  • Funds Need to be Transferred
  • Age Relaxation
  • Pathway to Permanent Residence
  • Requirements for Grant of Citizenship/Passport


  • Melbourne (State Capital)
  • Ballarat
  • Geelong

  • Bendigo
  • Shepparton
  • Melton

  • Mildura
  • Sunbury
  • Warrnambool


You must:

  • Age: Be under 55 years of age. If an extra benefit is there for the state, this age limit can be waived. Please see Age Relaxation
  • Points: Score at least 65 on the Points Test Table.
  • Turnover/Sale/Revenue: For 2 out of the last 4 fiscal years had an annual turnover of AUD 500,000 in an established business or businesses for each of those 2 years
  • Business Ownership: Own at least one of the following percentage of your nominated main business:
    • 51 per cent, if the business has a turnover of less than AUD400 000 per year
    • 30 per cent, if the business has a turnover of AUD400 000 or more per year
    • 10 per cent, if the business is a publicly listed company
  • Business History: Have an overall successful business career
  • Assets: You, your partner, or you and your partner combined must have total net business and personal assets of at least AUD800 000 that are lawfully acquired.
  • Business Management Role: If your nominated main business provides professional, technical or trade services, you must have spent no more than half your time providing those services, as opposed to general management of the business.
  • Business Intention: Have a genuine desire to continuously own and maintain a management role in a business in Australia.

You and your partner must have had no involvement in unacceptable business or investment activities.


English Language is not a mandatory requirement. Visa can be granted without IELTS etc.

Applicants with age above 18 years, need to demonstrate functional language ability (IELTS 4.5 overall or equivalent). If they are unable to provide this score, they can simply make payment for language classes in Australia and can get visa. So Language test is not mandatory.


Score at least 65 Points (Pass Marks) on the points test table below.

Factors Description Points

18–24 years20
25–32 years30
33–39 years25
40–44 years20
45–54 years15
55 and older0
English Language Ability Vocational English05
Proficient English10

Australian trade certificate, diploma or bachelor degree by an Australian education institute; or

a bachelor qualification recognised by an education institution of a recognized standard
Bachelor degree in business, science or technology by an Australian institution; or a bachelor qualification by an education institution of a recognized standard10
Special Endorsement The nominating state or territory government agency could decide that your proposed business is of unique and important benefit to the state or territory where the nominating government agency is located 10

Financial Assets
Net business and personal assets of you, your partner or you and your partner combined in each of the preceding two years of at least: 
AUD800 0005
AUD1.3 million15
AUD1.8 million25
AUD2.25 million35

Business Turnover
Annual turnover in your main business during a period of at least two years of the preceding four fiscal years of at least: 
AUD500 0005
AUD1 million15
AUD1.5 million25
AUD2 million35

Business Innovation stream only

Business Experience
You have held one or more businesses before you were invited to apply for the visa for: 
Not less than four years within the preceding five years10
Not less than seven years within the preceding eight years15
At least four years before the time of invitation to apply for the visa10
At least seven years before the time of invitation to apply for the visa15

Business Innovation Qualifications

At the time of invitation to apply for the visa:
Evidence of registered patents or registered designs15
Evidence of registered trademarks10
Evidence of formal joint venture agreements5
Evidence of export trade15
Evidence of ownership interest in a gazelle business10
Evidence of receipt of grants or venture capital funding10
State or Territory NominationSpecial endorsement (limited places)10


You need to submit a business plan to indicate your intentions to establish and maintain your business in Australia. You need to describe your proposed business activities in Australia and indicating how they will benefit Victoria-Australia economically

We guide, assist and provide quality services to our clients for Preparation of Business Plan

Business Idea

The business idea section of the Business Establishment Plan must:

  • Specify the proposed industry/sector in which the business will operate.
  • Provide a description of the proposed business, including the legal name and the trading name of the proposed business
  • Include business ownership information – partnership, proprietorship, corporation, franchise, acquisition, private limited etc.
  • Specify the proposed location for the business (city or town);
  • Provide a market analysis;
    • Target market(s)? Suppliers? Major competitors?
  • Specify which products and/or services the business will offer;
  • Specify which distribution channels the business will use;
  • Specify the business’ hours of operation;
  • Specify any regulations or licenses required to operate the business;
  • Specify the number of jobs to be created for Australian or Permanent Residents living in the State; and
  • Include full details of research undertaken to support these plans. The BP should show that the candidate has conducted extensive research into the economic, market, and cultural factors relevant to the proposed business.
  • Specify the steps/milestones for business establishment along with timeline to ensure that the business has a reasonable chance of success and can be implemented upon arrival.
  • Specify the Economic benefits the proposed business will provide to the state in terms of employment, export, technology transfer, Revenue Collection etc.
  • The proposed investment amount, including how the money will be spent. The fore-casted start-up funds and expenses, including a cash flow projection for the first year of operation;
  • The applicant must demonstrate that they understand the commercial challenges they may encounter when engaging in their proposed eligible business in Victoria.

Business Relationships

  • The name, organizations, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and emails of contracted professional business service providers who the applicant has contacted and/or has established an active working relationship or paid contractual agreement.

Human Capital

  • The management contribution the candidate will make with respect to the proposed business, including an estimate of the hours he or she will spend managing and/or working in the business on a weekly basis; his/her day-to-day involvement in business operation and strategic decision making.
  • The candidate’s entrepreneurial experience and its relevance to the proposed business idea. If the candidate has no relevant experience or background directly related to the proposed business, he or she should explain how his or her knowledge or experience can be applied to the business.


Applicants must propose to engage in eligible business activity. An eligible business can be almost any commercial endeavor. However, some business types are not accepted for grant of this visa. Examples of such businesses are:

  • small scale property development/brokerage
  • small scale freight forwarding and warehousing
  • commodity and scrap metal export
  • passive investment – property rental, and leasing activities etc.

Exploratory Visit Report

Prior to visa application lodgment, exploratory visit is not required for this Visa

When Not To Apply?

Applicants are considered ineligible if they:

  • Are refugee claimants in Australia;
  • Are living illegally in their country of residence or in Australia;
  • Have been deported from Australia  or  removal order has been issued by Australian Government or prohibited from entering Australia due to any reason
  • Have Serious Medical Conditions OR have any dependent family member (accompanying or not) have a serious medical condition;
  • Have a criminal record OR have any dependent family member over the age of 18 (accompanying or not) have a criminal record;

Funds Need To Be Transferred

Applicant does not need to transfer any amount before Visa Grant.

After having visa granted and moved to Victoria-Australia, the applicant need to transfer not less than AUD 600,000 for both business establishment and settlement.

Age Relaxation

No Age Relaxation, Applicant must be upto 55 years of age

Pathway to Permanent Residence

This Visa (SubClass 188 – Business Innovation Stream) provides you Pathway for Permanent Residence. After grant of Visa, you need to:

  • Hold Subclass 188 Visa (Business Innovation Stream) and be nominated by a state or territory Government for Subclass 888
  • Own and operate a viable and sustainable ‘eligible’ business in New South Wales (Other than Sydney and Surrounding Areas) for at least two years with involvement in day-to-day operation of the business and the overall strategic decision making of the business
  • Comply with the National Minimum Wage standards in regards to at least two employees who are either Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents.

Residence Requirement for Grant of Citizenship/Passport

To be eligible to apply for Australian Citizenship, the applicant must:

  • have been living in Australia on a valid Australian visa for four years immediately before applying which must include the last 12 months as a permanent resident,and
  • not have been absent from Australia for more than one year in total, in the 4 year period, including no more than 90 days in the year immediately before applying

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