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If you are a qualified candidate and are planning to settle in Canada as a permanent resident, then you must opt for the points system. To qualify for Canadian immigration, you must be able to score 67 points. To check your eligibility for Immigration Canada, you can use the table below that provides an overview of the RP Canada Points System and assess your profile for Immigration Canada in the Express Entry Program. To qualify for the same, you must total at least 67 points according to the following points system.

1: AGE

Up to 12 points are awarded under Age Factor on the following basis:

Age of Applicant Points (Max 12)
18 to 35 years 12 Points
36 years 11 Points
37 years 10 Points
38 years 09 Points
39 years 08 Points
40 years 07 Points
41 years 06 Points
42 years 05 Points
43 years 04 Points
44 years 03 Points
45 years 02 Points
46 years 01 Point
47 and over 0 Points


Up to 25 points are awarded under the Education Factor on the following basis:

Level of Education Points (Max 25)
Doctoral level 25 Points
Master’s level or professional degree 23 Points
Two or more post-secondary credentials, one of which is a three-year or longer post-secondary credential 22 Points
Three-year or longer post-secondary credential 21 Points
39 yearsTwo-year post-secondary credential 19 Points
One-year post-secondary credential 15 Points
Secondary school 05 Points


Up to 15 points are awarded under the Experience Factor based upon the number of years:

Work Experience Points (Max 15)
1 year (Minimum threshold) 09 Points
2-3 years 11 Points
4-5 years 13 Points
6 years or more 15 Points


Up to 24 points are awarded for competency in first language (English), and 4 points are awarded for a second language (French).

IELTS Test Results For Each Ability CLB level & Points
  Reading Speaking Writing Listening   (Max 24)
Bands 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 - 7.0 = CLB 7
Points 4 4 4 4 = 16 Points
Bands 6.5 6.5 6.5 7.5 = CLB 8
Points 5 5 5 5 = 20 Points
Bands 7.0 – 7.5 7.0 7.0 8.0 = CLB 9
Points 6 6 6 6 = 24 Points
Bands 8.0 – 9.0 7.5 – 9.0 8.5 – 9.0 8.5 – 9.0 = CLB 10
Points 6 6 6 6 = 24 Points
Second Official Language Points (Max 4)
Speaking | Listening | Reading | Writing 5.0 | 5.0 | 4.0 | 5.0 4 Points


Points are awarded on the Adaptability Factor on the basis of following factors.

Adaptability Points (Max 10)
Canadian Work Experience (min 1 Year) 10 Points
Previous study in Canada 05 Points
Previous study in Canada – (Accompanying Spouse) 05 Points
Arranged Employment in Canada 05 Points
Relative in Canada – 18 years or older 05 Points
Language ability CLB 4 or above – accompanying Spouse 05 Points
Arranged employment in Canada 05 Points
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